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Why Trust Your Business to Curnel...
Strategies That Work!

Our team will Craft & Implement Quantifiable Plans Specifically Tailored to fit your Business' unique Short and Long-Term Operational Goals

Advice You Can Rely On!

Curnel will help to Streamline your Business' Workflow Processes to Reduce Administrative Redundancy, Risk Impact Severity & Probability of Occurence

Experts You Can Trust!

We'll conduct an Expert Analyis of your Business to Identify Strategical Opportunites for Financial/ Operational Growth & help Implement Strategic Plans.

Ask our valued customers what made them choose us and your likely to get many different answers...
There's one thing they all agree on though... We deliver exceptional results and in record time!
Established in 2011, Curnel Solutions went from a long-lived idea to reality when its Founder & CEO decided it was time to put dreams into action. The CEO's work career has consisted of roles supporting and/or directing sales, telemarketing, recruitment, staffing, contract administration, credentialing of healthcare providers, program management, custom-configuration of information technology systems, client-retention, business development, financial planning and human resources, etc. 
No matter the company or responsibility held, Curnel's CEO is consistently accredited for possessing a relentless, yet sincere passion and unsullied skill in problem identification, analysis and resolution, flawless follow-through and creation of innovative processes that enhance overall business strategy of small-large federal and private sector entities.
Understanding that such a raw and diverse talent would benefit a variety of business markets in addressing unidentified performance barriers, Curnel Solutions was founded to support this industry demand by offering an array of business services and solutions, all designed to meet the precise needs of its customers.
With a foundation built on the values of its CEO, Curnel’s team of strategists is comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines and career paths. We take pride in our intuitive competence by recognizing and understanding that every organization is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach will never help a business reach its full potential. Curnel delivers custom solutions tailored to a business’ unique industry, culture and most importantly, their one-of-a-kind challenges. In essence and as a customer of Curnel Solutions, we operate under the guidance and strict mindset that- "Your Need" is simply "Our Purpose".
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