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Services/Solutions are available A LA Carte:
This list is not exhaustive...
Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance
Automation of Employee OnBoarding
ATS/HRIS Workflow Customization
recruitment, Credentialing & staffing
Full HR & Benefits Administration
Handbook & Personnel Policies
Interviewing & Hiring Assistance
Operations/Project Management
Service Contract Act Compliance
Employee Grievance Arbitration
EEOC Claim- Investigation/Response
Reduction In Force/Layoff Support

We help our Partners achieve and retain the greatest possible success via a variety of dedicated support services.


We strongly believe in pushing the industry standard and delivering innovative strategies to improve your overall business.


Our team is comprised of leading experts in hundreds of industries. We combine our experience with industry best practices to evolve your overall business.


We are more than a vendor. We support our customers as a partner who is egually invested in their future. Our ultimate goal/purpose is to enhance your operations as well as assist you in surpassing your financial goals.

24-7-365 Responsiveness

Our team will support your organization with services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You and your staff will have convenient, around-the-clock access to our Professional Support

Team for an immediate response to any requests, questions or specific concerns. We are always one phone call or email way to assist you with your business needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Offering more than a service... with Curnel, you're gauranteed delivery of a long-term solution. We follow up with our valued clients on a frequent basis and promptly address any performance concerns to ensure they're fully satisfied with the professional services provided by our team. Our top priority is to offer an intelligent, personal approach to all services provided, backed by expertise, technology and cost-efficient resources from coast to coast.

dedicated support

Day-to-day operations consume a substantial amount of your time. Allow us to support your organization so you may direct more time and resources to growing your business. We carefully monitor and update our systems/processes to ensure compliance to federal/state/local regulations. We continually invest in the lastest technology in order to provide you effective consultation on best practices to increase your productivity, keep pace with industry changes, maximize ability to adapt to future needs and ultimately decrease operational costs.

Focused Approach

Our team of senior strategists pairs out of the box thinking with tried and true experience to offer services that are guaranteed to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We're on the cusps of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver business solutions effectively, creatively and economically. We've build a solid foundation for success that's set for many decades to come. Most importantly, we will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

innovative strategy

Curnel  provides sensible solutions, practical consulting and direct business/personnel services as needed for small and large entities alike. We strive to support our clients by helping each develop a solid foundation via a unique business approach so they can be successful. In partnering with Curnel, we diligently work to improve your organization's continuity of services, operational strategy, productivity, company culture, employee relations and increase your profit margins.


Subject Matter Experts

Our team comes from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. The diversity and dedication of each team member's mindset allows us to provide your organization with the best solution and/or services for making your business successful. As we are comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines and career paths, we expound upon those experiences to ensure our approach to your business need(s) considers all angles. Basically, whatever your need may be, we create and implement sound strategies to produce the desired results.

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